Our Front Street location has it all – delicious Italian food made from scratch, including our hand –stretched mozzarella, pasta, focaccia bread, ½ lb meatball, sauces and desserts –each and every day. SCADDABUSH also offers an extensive wine and cocktail list plus a gorgeous space that feels luxurious and homey at the same time. Inspired by Italian passion and generosity, SCADDABUSH offers style without attitude and of course, excellent cuisine.

Scaddabush Front Street is an open concept restaurant, and it can get quite loud at times. Due to our proximity to the Metre Toronto Convention Centre and the Rogers Centre, minimum spends fluctuate wildly depending on what is going on in the city. As such, all minimum spends are quoted on a case-by-case basis.



SCADDABUSH Front is located on the northwest corner of Front and Simcoe Streets. Our main doors are located on Front just west of Simcoe, but we also have a direct entrance in from Simcoe Place.

One block away from Union Station and just north of the Union-Pearson UP Express train, SCADDABUSH is steps away from the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, the Rogers Centre and just south of Toronto’s Theatre District on King Street – making it a social hub for sports fans, music and theatre aficionados, locals and commuters alike!

Pay parking is available in the Simcoe Place underground parking lot (entrance on Front just west of Simcoe, next to our main entrance) or across the street at the above ground public parking lot.

200 Front Street West
Toronto, ON
M5V 3J1

Sunday – Thursday: 11am – 1am
Friday – Saturday: 11am – 2am

Mozza Bar

Separated from our Main dining room by a few steps up and a short path past our open-concept kitchen, the Mozza(rella) Bar is our most isolated space, which features the possibility for a separate point of access exclusively used by your guests through Simcoe place.  The name comes from the fact that this space is right next to the part of our kitchen where our mozzarella appetizers are hand stretched, along with our pizza ovens – allowing an interactive experience that brings our guests closer to our food. Because the Mozza Bar is not walled in, all ambient noise from the rest of the dining room may be heard by your group add in the calls from our kitchen team, and this space is not ideal for events that require silence.

The Mozzarella bar has a wall of banquette booths, low top tables and a high-top marble slab that borders the kitchen, providing a dynamic space with lots of flexibility in regards to floorplan: Set bistro-style, the Mozza bar can accommodate up to 55 for a seated dinner. If you’re looking for a more inclusive banquet-style arrangement, the space can seat up to 30 at one long table, up to 34 split between two parallel tables and up to 45 when utilizing the booths as well. For cocktail functions, we can clear the central tables and accommodate up to 70 standing (with some optional seating available at the booths).

Main dining area

Our main Dining Room is sandwiched between the bar-lounge booths and our Mozzarella Bar, making it a difficult place for some parties due to thoroughfare of our other guests and servers. The space is bisected into two sections – East Dining Room and West Dining Room by a row of tall booths. The East side is the smaller of the two predominantly horseshoe booths separated by the doors to the South Simcoe patio, giving it a lounge-y feel. The West side is much larger and consists of both banquette style booths and longer tables that can be rearranged to accommodate 75. When seated bistro-style, we can accommodate up to 120 in the full space.  Alternatively, we can clear all moveable tables for a cocktail function of 150.  Capacity can be increased to 200 if the Mozzarella bar is added to the space; which would also decrease foot traffic from our other guests through your party. During summer months, the Simcoe combined patios may also be bought out for your event. Augmenting space with additional sections will result in increased minimum spends


Our bar lounge is generally seated on a first come/first-serve basis, however exceptions may be made for large group bookings with GM approval. This is the only space where full cash bar events may be accommodated. We can accommodate up to 50 with a partial booking, where the half of the bar on the entrance side is still used for regular business; or up to 85 with a full buyout. The Front Street Patio entrance is at one end of the bar and may be booked out along with the bar-lounge for an increased minimum. If you do not book the patio and it is in use, there will be thoroughfare from our guests seated on the patio through your party to access the washrooms.


Our patio spaces are walk-in business during lunch time, and may only be booked for exclusive parties in the afternoon/evening time.  While all patios are covered, and feature overhead heat lamps, they are not protected from heavy rain and wind. Certain inclement weather will require a rainy-day indoor alternative.  Smoking is prohibited on all patio spaces.

Front Street: 

Running East-West along Front Street, and direct access to the bar-lounge, the Front Street patio is the only one of our three with high-top tables. It may accommodate up to 60 for a standing reception and up to 40 seaated. This Patio is generally reserved for walk-in business and can only be booked for private parties with GM approval

Simcoe Patios:

With a gap between the two for an outside entrance, the Simcoe Patio may be split into two sections, the North Patio and the South Patio. Combined, they can accommodate up to 100 guests for a cocktail function or up to 60 seated. As the entrance into the restaurant is located in the South Patio, it can only be booked for events in conjunction with the South Patio.

North Patio:

Our only freestanding patio space, the North Simcoe can accommodate up to 30 seated or 40-50 standing. With no direct entrance to Scaddabush’s interior, guests will have to walk through the South Patio to access the restaurant to use the facilities.