All minimum spend quotes are determined on a case-by-case basis, based on the events taking place at the Rogers Centre, the Air Canada Centre and the Metro Toronto Convention Centre on your desired date and your event specifics.


Front Cocktail – The Loose Moose

Featuring 3 TVs and garage-style doors that may be opened during nice weather, the Front Cocktail section is our most-requested space. An offset space at the front of the Loose Moose, it provides a bit more separation from the rest of the bar and lounge without losing any of our famous atmosphere. It can accommodate up to 40 seated and up to 60 for a standing function

Back Room – The Loose Moose

The Back Room is cubby-like space sandwiched between our kitchen and the main bar-lounge and houses the entrance to the men’s washroom, so there is no lack of foot traffic through the area, and we always need to have a path clear for our team. Regardless, this space allows your group a little bit more isolation from the crowd and provides direct vantage point for one big-screen TV. It can accommodate sit down functions of up to 20 and standing functions of up to 25.

Communal Table – The Loose Moose

Smack in the middle of the dining area, the Communal Table is the only low seating in the restaurant that isn’t a picnic table. It is able to seat up to 30 guests for lunch or dinner, and provides a wonderful backdrop for a social meal.

Back Room – The Antler Room

Located at the very far end of the Antler Room, this area – is a semi-private area that allows your party to not be surrounded by others. With pillars bordering the Back Room from the rest of the bar, and the entrance to the men’s washroom across the server’s path, you have the option of drawing heavy curtains in the open gaps to provide more privacy. The Back Room can seat up to 36 or up to 45-50 standing. If you’re okay with the area being more open, we can extend your space to include three harvest tables on the other side of the pillars, accommodating up to 75 for a standing function.

Full buyouts

Either floor has a capacity of 400 guests, and in order to accommodate maximum volume some seating will need to be removed. Both levels are long and narrow, and only certain sections of each floor are able to accommodate cohesive seating for 80-100 guests. As such, we find that cocktail/reception-style events are much more successful.

The combined capacity of the Loose Moose and the Antler room is 825, including restaurant staffing