Canyon Creek is all about people. It is what sets us apart from the competition, and what makes dining with us a uniquely special experience. It’s for those who appreciate substance over pretence, especially when it comes to dining out, Canyon Creek is the premium restaurant that makes every guest feel like we’ve been preparing for their arrival all day.

Our team is obsessed with all those tell-tale touches that add up to make a perfect dining experience — from the engaging atmosphere to the friendly attentive service, to the savoury signature dishes and noteworthy beer, wine and cocktails — Canyon Creek has thought of everything!

Bar Service/Billing

We pride ourselves on our bar list that offers something for everyone: delicious wines, crafted cocktails, a curated draught beer program and non-alcoholic options. While open bar is absolutely an option, further bar restrictions and service/billing parameters may be set for the restaurant to follow. We offer three bar packages with maximum cost caps to suit your budget, and ticketed service is available. We do not allow outside alcohol.

Menu Options

We have a variety of menu packages available to suit your event, including options for lunch, dinner or more casual reception style functions. Our team is very accommodating to special requests so if you have any questions about our listed options, please do not hesitate to contact us. Outside food is not permitted with the exception of dessert for special occasions with a manager’s approval. Please note that depending on the changes to the menu, additional fees may apply.

Please refer to the Event Package for more details on menu options.


Canyon Creek has a variety of audio-visual options available dependent on location. In most locations, TV’s are available for visual presentations in certain areas. Microphones, screens and projectors are available for rent or can be brought into the restaurant pending a manager’s approval. For specific details, please speak with your Events Specialist about your needs.


Canyon Creek is happy to set up your event space to suit your needs, within the limitations of the space. Your event specialist will work with you to arrange a floor plan that suits your event while working around the restaurant’s permanent setup.

Additional Venue Information

Canyon Creek is fully furnished and supplies our own plate- and glassware, cutlery and linen napkins. In keeping with our comfortable-chic décor, we do not put linens on our tables.  We have a limited supply of high chairs for children.

If desired, the events department can arrange a rental order from our preferred supplier for the following items:

  • Specialty plate ware: platters, patterned dishes, etc.
  • Specialty glassware: Champagne flutes (for large parties), ISO glasses (for wine tastings), Additional wine glasses for large parties
  • Buffet-ware: Chafing dishes, heat lamps, etc. for carvery and buffet stations
  • Table linens, additional cruiser tables.
  • Coat racks/hangers and tags: Reds has limited coat storage space.  Winter buyouts require additional racks.

Coat Check and additional staffing fees

We staff to ensure success, however if you feel like an additional or dedicated server/bartender is required for your event, a fee will apply.  This same amount applies to dedicated coat check attendant for the beginning or end of your event.