How do we book our spaces?

All Signature restaurant event spaces are booked with minimum spend guarantees*ᶧ, rather than a fee for the space. These minimums are met through all food and beverage (including alcohol) ordered over the course of the event. Any rentals (coat racks, buffet ware, high-top tables, etc.) and staffing costs (e.g. coat check, dedicated service), that may be required for your event will not go towards the minimum.

What if we don’t meet the minimum spend?

If the minimum is not met, additional food may be ordered (to go, if necessary) or a venue charge will be added to the bill to make up the difference. Purchase of wine/spirits for consumption off restaurant property in order to meet minimum is strictly prohibited.

How do we go about reserving the space?

Securing the desired space for your party requires that a contract be completed with signature and credit card. All Signature Restaurant contracts also stipulate our cancellation policy and our minimum guaranteed attendance/pre-order amendment clause. We require 72-business hours’ notice for cancellation, or the minimum spend plus tax will be charged as penalty. You will be held to set menu and/or pre-order quantities as last agreed upon in written correspondence, should numbers drop less than 48 business hours prior to your event.

Do you require a deposit to finalize the booking?

The credit card provided on the contract is kept on file only to guarantee the minimum, and no deposit is charged in advance. As the Signature Events operates out of a separate building, the restaurants do not have access to the contracts and the cards on them, and so physical method of payment will be required on site at the end of the event. The card being used to pay does not need to be consistent with the card on the contract. If the card that you want charged will not be present at the event, we have an authorization form that may be filled out with the appropriate information and sent over along with a legible scan of both sides of the card. Scans of the receipt will be emailed to you the following business day.

Can you invoice?

We only invoice for events with a minimum spend of $5000 or more; and we require a deposit of at least 50% of the minimum in order for us to invoice the remaining balance, post event. The deposit is required in excess of 15 days prior to your event. Balance owed will be required within 15 business days.

Can we customize/decorate the space to make it more personal to our occasion?

Each individual space has limitations in regards to its spatial parameters that dictate how seating may be arranged as well as what furniture may be added/removed to the space. Your event specialist will outline all possibilities for your specific needs.

We are happy to organize floral arrangements; as well as photo booth or activity rentals from our preferred suppliers, and the costs will be added to your master bill. Alternatively you may arrange these specific things on your own, however the costs will not go towards meeting the minimum, and you will be responsible for organizing delivery and payment.

Additional or specific furniture, linen, service supplies, and A/V and DJ requirements (when approved) may need to be rented for your event, and must be arranged by your event specialist through our approved suppliers. We provide table menus, and are able to customize them with black and white printing of your company logo or a custom header with our compliments. If colour printing is required, additional costs will apply. If preferred, you may print and provide the set menu with any customized headers and logos for your event, however we cannot be held responsible for any errors in printing.

You may bring minor personal touches (balloons, streamers, etc.) as long as they do not create a fire hazard or block any paths. In consideration of our cleaners, we do not allow confetti or glitter.

Please note that any charges for rental, décor or staffing do not go towards meeting the minimum food and beverage spend.

Can you accommodate allergies + restrictions?

Our restaurants are able to accommodate most allergies and dietary restrictions; and your event specialist can detail ingredients in our menu(s) based on the dietary needs of those attending. It is best to be given the names and specific requirements for each individual so that we are able to provide that list to the restaurant team in advance; however each individual should re-state their allergy to their server at the time of the event. We are able to arrange for 100% kosher meals through our approved kosher supplier. Please check with your event specialist if you are planning to bring in outside food, as a fee will be applied to the master bill. We are not nut, gluten or seafood-free facilities and only our vegetarian options are suitable for Halal needs. Our team is extremely conscientious in maintaining the safety of our guests, however we cannot guarantee 100% no cross-contamination. We urge everyone who requires it to bring their Epi Pen as a safety measure.

Can we use drink tickets or restrict bar service for our event?

Each of our restaurants are able to accommodate restricted and/or ticketed bar service for your event, and are able to supply the tickets at no additional cost. We do require that tickets be handed out by a member of the party, to ensure that our team doesn’t accidentally provide to one of our other guests. Open bar is absolutely possible, but in the instance that you want to limit the cost per beverage you are able to set a limit that we will respect. Both Reds locations and the Loose Moose offer bar packages available for cocktail parties. Regardless of what parameters you set for bar service, the master bill will reflect actual consumption and the individual costs of each beverage, as per the restaurant’s menu pricing. We do not charge flat-rate fees for beverages.

In the event that the attendees start individual tabs for food and/or beverages, the card put down on contract is used to guarantee the payment of each individual bill. At the conclusion of the event, should any tabs be left open and unpaid the card on file will be used to settle them.

Can we sell tickets/charge cover for our events?

All of our venues are licenced as restaurants and as a result we are not legally allowed to charge cover. This extends to events held in our restaurant. You may sell tickets for and/or have specific invite lists for your event, however no money may change hands for access on our property; and invite lists/registration will be your responsibility. We will not be accountable if an uninvited guest enters the space.

Do we allow corkage?

We do not allow corkage. Each restaurant has curated bar menus, tailored to include something for everyone, in a wide price range. As such, no outside beverage is allowed into our restaurant for consumption.

Have band, need venue?

Currently, the only venue in our portfolio that is set up for live music is the Antler Room. All bands are vetted by our in-house technician and approved by corporate. If you would like to be considered, please email

*Minimum spends and menu pricing are all listed before and 18% gratuity (automatically applied to private space bookings or parties of 7 or more) and tax. As per the CRA, automatic gratuity is taxed.
ᶧAll minimum spends are subject to change based on seasonal business levels.